Repaired 3 LCDs today!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Want to fix your dead pixels on your DMG? Took me longer to read the thread over at 8BC than it did to fix 3 DMGs I tough were useless... One even had like 30-40% dead screen.

Did all 3 in less than 10 minutes with a 30w soldering iron from wal-mart that I use.

just hooked the bare board into a back assembled half shell and held in my hand like this

Took of the rubber strip and double sided tape with a razor blade (just lift up corner and pull with fingers)

I did the soldering with the DMG on, here is this one before...

I just used bare a soldering iron and did it in a painting motion towards the corners. Did this until all dead pixels were fixed gone.

NO MORE DEAD PIXLES, DRACULA HAS BEEN RESURRECTED!! (my camera made the screen look this way)

3 C0MM3N75:

circuitmaster said...

Wow, that actually does work! Took a bit of work, but there was about 25% dead. Back to 100% full screen. Crazy.

Sam said...

Thanks for the pics! It looks like you didn't in the last picture, but did you put the rubber strip/double sided tape back on after you fixed the screen?

Thretris said...

yes, I put the rubber strip back on :)

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