Spanking new carts! USB 64M Smart Card

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kitsch-Bent is now selling these brand new Smart Cards. Unlike the original (obsolete) 32MB Smart Card, the new (doable the size in a sleek black casing) 64MB Smart Cards are USB supported. This means you just plug it into your PC via mini (b-type) USB cable. These are a great advancement in flashing for musicians who like to have a variety or music apps in there arsenal (i.e LSDJ, MuddyGB, ect) all in one cart.

These carts are for sale now HERE and the sale price wont last long so snag em up before the are gone and become eBay gems.

4 C0MM3N75:

MuteCity DMGs said...

wow These carts are pretty cool!

great price to!

Anonymous said...

Really bullshit scrap card,does not always work when I want to install roms error, error, error on the screen can not install games,I would not recommend buying this card.

rain2591 said...

im having no problems with mine

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