Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Kitsch-Bent has stocked some great new items today. Firts being the highly anticipated, custom cast NES and DMG buttons. And the 2nd being new play it loud screens and custom custom "Chip Music in Stereo" screens in the play it loud color! (you can be sure I will be tossing these on most my customs for a while)

All of these items are VERY limited supply (especially the buttons) Head over to Kitch's store to snag up some swag.

4 C0MM3N75:

large bits collider said...

I would like dark grey buttons, but there aren't in that color... :-( The screen is already ordered! :D

Thretris said...

this is because dark grey already exist in play it loud series Gameboys. Making those would be sort of redundant since casting these is such a pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Man...I frequent your blog and I already missed the buttons I wanted.
Oh well, I've wanted a screen like this for ages. I bought a bunch even though I'm broke as hell. Also picked up an NES button set.
Thanks so much for making these.

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hahaha excellent, they are very nice, i can even use them for my blog hahaha thanks for share is nice to remember old times of nintendo.

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