Thursday, April 1, 2010
As many of you know, Chiptune legend Neil Baldwin, has been working on the worlds fist native NES tracker called NTRQ. I have had the opportunity to be on the BETA team for this project and I am SUPER stoked the rest of the public will be able to enjoy it with me. Get over the downloads page at the NTRQ website and download v1.0 of NTRQ, also check out the forums.... DO IT NOW!

UPDATE*** The image above is NOT REAL, just a photoshop demo os a cart with my custom label. Here is the custom label is you want it. You can also download a fake manual cover I made HERE.

5 C0MM3N75:

large bits collider said...

Where can I get the sticker?

Thretris said...

For the record, the image above is photoshop. There is no official cart yet.
BUT, if you want to slap the sticker on your powerpack, or anything else, you can download it in this post

(I updated the post)

large bits collider said...

Great! I was wondering where to get the sticker.
Awesome Thretris! :D

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It is a great game, very friendly user and so addictive.

Runescape Gold said...

Your card is just beautiful -- and what a lovely gift. Any woman would be thrilled to receive this.
Thanks for you inspiration.

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