Monday, June 21, 2010

Chip musicians from far and wide have come together in a friendly protest against dance music. This compilation contains 17 tracks spanning different genres of music that you would NOT hear in your typical  dance club setting. So trade in those glowsticks for some drumsticks and get ready for over 50 minutes rockin chiptune goodness.

(alternative download)

1. 8 Bit Weapon - Funk Data
2. Thretris - Streets Of Elwood
3. Apricorn - Ginger bear
4. Russolo - What's Wrong Sarah
5. Analog - Sobrevuelo
6. NESMETAL - Throughout the Endless Ages
7. MicroD - Excision
8. Machinery of Nature - Dankapottomus
9. eLectrodreams - Windows (to other worlds)
10. Love Through Cannibalism - Hard As A Metapod
11. vickysbooties - slowcore
12. Nestrogen - Back Right Corner
13. Guardia - Chuup'tah Magic
14. Rush Coil - Kingfake
15. PaK-Zer0 - In The Mosh pit
16. Decktonic - Side Quest
17. Octapus - It Smells Funny

8 C0MM3N75:

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