Giant Robot Famicom Scion XB

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Back in may, I showed off a set of 4 USB controllers on Flickr that I was commissioned to make for the Giant Robot Famicon inspired Scion XB. Late December, the scion was revealed! It is one gorgeous piece of work and I couldnt be happier to have a hand in it. Check out the youtube vid below to see the car in action!

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traviscarwyle said...

thats awesome dude. one question though, unrelated: are you going to open your big cartel store anytime soon? I'd Really like to have a gander at your stuff for purchase.

brilliant22 said...

Oooohhhh. that looks lovely. store? open? no? grrr.

Anonymous said...

Keep it.. just tempt Nintendo by putting it up on the web.. year after year.. haha.. then demand 10 million for the die to make it.. If you don't get any offers.. just keep showing it off! :) endure my friend for the big boys think they don't care, but they always do! endure!bobbi boss

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