Kitsch Bent X Thretris. SBGs are back!

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Its been a while since you could snag some fresh Thretris mods. Head over to Kitsch Bent's shop and await  some hacked out, super gameboy glory! Also keep your eye out for a pretty sweet NES which will also been in Kitsch's shop.

9 C0MM3N75:

Gio32k said...

Got one of these sweet prosound super gameboys from Kitsch Bent. Now just waiting for the flash cart to come in the mail. Btw...will you make anymore prosound dmg gameboys in the near future?

David said...

how can i get a hold on one of these

Anonymous said...

Keep it.. just tempt Nintendo by putting it up on the web.. year after year.. haha.. then demand 10 million for the die to make it.. If you don't get any offers.. just keep showing it off! :) endure my friend for the big boys think they don't care, but they always do! endure!bobbi boss

Anonymous said...

I bought one of these beauties from Kitsch... damn am I ever happy with it :D -Duo

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charmingdate said...

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Qipao said...

Kitsch is great, i bought from Kitsch shop, good experience.

Anonymous said...

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