Friday, March 19, 2010

A Few Cool Pieces of Art.

GamaBoy may be my new mascot. This pic pretty much sums up what im all Influenced by one of my favorite 80's Rock/Skate artist, Jim Phillips. Image hand drawn then cleaned up in photoshop.

2nd up i have a new wallpaper, pretty self explanatory. Size is 1440x1080 click thumbnail for full image.


  1. really love the images here. 80s kid myself so I totally feel these images. I draw in pen mostly but I really want to get into color. What kind of paint would you use on bristol paper? how did you learn to paint?

  2. Learning to paint just takes practice... I actually colored these with Micron pens but later recolored it with a wacom tablet in photoshop.


  3. what kind of paint do you use tho? acrylic?

  4. pant on gameboys? Just spraypaint, and when i do hand painting on them, yes i use acrylic.