Friday, April 16, 2010

ChipCo Comp Vol 2 (T.V. Chiptune)

After a successful first compilation of open-ended tracks, the Chip Coalition community decided to take on a chip music tribute to our favorite TV theme songs after a popular suggestion by our member Octapus. Four countries representing a selection of 10 tracks made mostly on Nintendo Game Boy hardware, Chip Coalition Compilation Volume 2: Television Chiptune is now available for free download.

01. wayne1991 - Dexter (LSDJ / Singapore)
02. PixyJunket - Married With Children (LSDJ / Texas, USA
03. Octapus - Flight Of the Concords (milkytracker / Göteborg, Sweden)
04. tacticalbread - Scooby Doo, Where Are You? (milkytracker / California, USA)
05. his8 - The A-Team (LSDJ / Connecticut, USA)
06. The Silph Scope - The Office (LSDJ / California, USA)
07. Bleepshit - Scrubs (LSDJ / Lille, France)
08. Thretris - Cheers (LSDJ / Oregon, USA)
09. Capcomposer - X-Men Animated Series (LSDJ / Oregon, USA)
10. smiletron - Teen Titans (milkytracker / Tennesee, USA)

Also, get those ideas in for a theme for Volume 3 HERE 


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