Saturday, July 11, 2009

8BitCollective DMG Case!!

**UPDATE** This is now a FULL DMG

one of a kind DMG-01 case. This one comes with font plate, back plate AND battery cover. (no screen, no buttons)

Click here for purchase info!

The case was painted white with Appliance apoxy paint and is VERY strong (much stronger than normal Krylon stuff.

The art itself was hand painted by yours truly. The coolest thing about this case is lettering I did. Across the top it says also says "nintendo" under the screen.

One cool case for one cool Gameboy fan, the asking price is 60 USD Shipping is free for this item with free delivery confirmation # to the US. International shipping will apply.

***You will need a tri-wing screwdriver... if you need to buy one, I suggest ordering from Nonfinite Electronics you can also get a DMG screen replacement if you need one.

check out more images below


  1. Hey man how did you get the lettering on the case?

  2. Oh shit, I totally forgot to answer you before, my bad... I used Dry transfer decals. You have to apply them one letter at a time, very easy if you take it slow.

    They are made by Woodland Scenics, you can probably order them, but I get mine from the local hobby shop.

    woodland scenics dry transfer decals