Thursday, July 16, 2009

Repaired 3 LCDs today!!!

Want to fix your dead pixels on your DMG? Took me longer to read the thread over at 8BC than it did to fix 3 DMGs I tough were useless... One even had like 30-40% dead screen.

Did all 3 in less than 10 minutes with a 30w soldering iron from wal-mart that I use.

just hooked the bare board into a back assembled half shell and held in my hand like this

Took of the rubber strip and double sided tape with a razor blade (just lift up corner and pull with fingers)

I did the soldering with the DMG on, here is this one before...

I just used bare a soldering iron and did it in a painting motion towards the corners. Did this until all dead pixels were fixed gone.

NO MORE DEAD PIXLES, DRACULA HAS BEEN RESURRECTED!! (my camera made the screen look this way)


  1. Wow, that actually does work! Took a bit of work, but there was about 25% dead. Back to 100% full screen. Crazy.

  2. Thanks for the pics! It looks like you didn't in the last picture, but did you put the rubber strip/double sided tape back on after you fixed the screen?

  3. yes, I put the rubber strip back on :)