Friday, December 18, 2009

Gameboy Cart Flasher For Mac OSX!

Today is a great day for me! I am an avid Mac user, and just the though of using windows makes by balls hurt. But I have been forced to use Parrallels Desktop for mac for some time, ust so I can use my USB cart programmer. BUT no longer is that an issue, since I have discovered a flasher for Mac, that not only works great, but looks great too.

Thanks to 30003019 over at 8BC for linking to the spanish creators of the app.

I have taken it upon myself to rebuild the app real quick to only boot in english (since it would only do it the first time for me, then go straight to spanish again). I also re-hosted it on mediafire for all to enjoy in english.

Click HERE for
direct download

If your having problems check out my tutorial for using this software 


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