Monday, January 4, 2010

Join Chip Coalition TODAY!!!!

Chip Coalition is a new online community for just about anyone who into the retro gaming scene. The forums have discussions ranging from Chip Music, to hardware modding and much much more!

The goal of this site is pure fun, thats it. Just a great place to kick back and discuss the topics we all know and love.

Chip Coalition is a joint effort by 2 great friends of mine and myself. Capcomposer, Kitsch-Bent, and I will be working hard with a great team of Moderators to provide the best site we can for you all. Some come on in and show your love for all things 8-Bit related and MORE!

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  1. Excellent because I didn't know that the idea of this site was pure fun, that's perfect because is a good way to avoid the monotony, Ì'd like to get more blogs like this one frequently.