Wednesday, February 17, 2010


First of all, I would like to thank Neil for this opportunity to start rockin NTRQ and help make it all it can be!!!

I woke up today with a personalized BETA ROM of NTRQ in my email. Needless to say I popped it on my PowerPak and ran [giggling] to the back room where the custom NES is hooked up my to beloved CRTtv, technics receiver and Sony Speakers.  Without even reading the supplied PDF manual yet (I honestly grabbed the powerpak and ran to the back instantly) I was able to arp my heart away!

This is going to be the greatest thing ever, so stay tuned to any updates I post here... BUT please visit and support the official homepage of NTRQ at

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  1. i did the same but with my dingoo, my dads big screen and surround sound no pdffin for men dont need instructions lol