Thursday, March 25, 2010

The JBL Talk Bomb (Homemade Talk Box)

We have all seen the "Ghetto Talk Box" people all over the internet are making, I decided to try my hand at it since I don't want to drop around 200 bucks on a real one.

What I did here only cost me $4 + a few household items. My Ghetto talk box (I have named "Talk Bomb" since it looks to me like the last thing i want to take on an airplane) has a 3.5 inch JBL speaker inside that I salvaged from a set of computer speakers I got from Value Village for only $2.99. The Speaker (still connected to original PCB which has volume knob, 3.5mm audio input and DC12v power outlet) is housed between 2 mixing cups from a Magic Bullet. I sealed it airtight with hot glue and cleaned up the look with a few raps of black electric tape. I also added a new big knob.

The hose is 1/2 inch out diameter from Home Dept. and cost about $1. I drilled out a hole for it and sealed that airtight with hot glue also. I will post a video soon of it in action, it sounds kick ass great!!!


  1. like I said, I will definitly be posting a video once I get more used to talking with a hose im my

  2. Wait...what about the output? Did I miss that in the description?

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  4. Where is the video?