Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Just about everything you will ever need to rock out and look good while doin it. see full gallery here. This Gameboy has it all, from pitch mod to half clock speed option. This is the end result of a DMG I sent to my buddy Mute City, I have been making him a butt load of custom NES labels for his cart repros. instead of paying me with a copy of the carts he is making (because I just play them on my powerpak anyway) I asked him to do me a pitch mod and half clock mod all in one (somthing I never seen done before) because i was too lazy to do it, and he needed to pay me anyway haha.

After I got it back from overseas shipping, the damn post office broke off (completely tore off the red toggle switch for the clock speed). So I opened it up and proceded to compltely rebuild it with new PCBs and all (since he also did an internal prosound which I changed my mind about later on)

While it was open, I tossed in a Nonfinite backlight and did a dual pro-sound (3.5mm and RCA options). I also swapped the plastic knob with a solid chrome knob from my fender jagstang.

Lastly I styled it with some custom decals. The gameboy decal is from a batch that Capcomposer had locally made to use for paint masking. I thought it looked cool on its own. Before I put the decals on I removed all the gameboy text with acetone.


  1. Are these for sale at all? If so can you get back to me! If not great work man anyway. Very pimp!

  2. Great job, man!
    I absolutely love the buttons. I'd like to buy a set if you have any for sale.

  3. WOW What a monster you created!! Props to you!!!!!

  4. I'd really like to make one of these. I have a bunch of gameboys with one of these mods each and I'd really like to put them all into one. However I've never done the pitch mod, is there a tut somewhere for that?