Sunday, April 11, 2010

DMGs-R-US Fully Stocked with Thretris Gear

DMG's-R-US is a great online shop ran out of Germany. I have had the pleasure to supply a great amount of custom work for André and his shop. Like many other online chip music shops, DMG's-R-US has a full stock of my custom painted DMG cases which he has internally modded with with just about everything you need to aid you in performing music, from Backlighting to prosound audio. So if your aching to get your hands on some of my work, why not visit his shop and pick up a fully modded DMG, ready to go for just 99 EUR.

As of right now DMG's-R-US has 6 custom DMG collaborations in his shop, there are many designs to choose from.

Stop by his shop and pick one up before they are gone!

While your there, check out the gallery section for many other mod jobs by André, and also some more custom paint work by yours truly, including this luscious, inside out painted, orange clearboy.

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