Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yes, the Thretris SHOP back, and soon it will be filled with delicious custom work for you to order. While you wait, there is still a few nick-nacks leftover from past stock, snag it while it last, re-stock coming soon!


  1. Nice setup you got there ! Hope you will get some nice music out of there !
    Chuckiy Bement said... bobbi boss

  2. Keep it.. just tempt Nintendo by putting it up on the web.. year after year.. haha.. then demand 10 million for the die to make it.. If you don't get any offers.. just keep showing it off! :) endure my friend for the big boys think they don't care, but they always do! endure!bobbi boss

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  4. Excellent memories about the video games, I remember my child!!

  5. Excited to see the shop open back up. I would definitely get a custom DMG from you! :D

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