Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My 1st KORG DS-10 song on DSi

Been messing around on the DS-10 for a bit, and finally came up with a full song. Took about of week of tinkering. Recorded of a Nintendo DSi of course, then added some of my faroite voice samples from the NES game Pinbot

Now I See You


  1. Your music is pretty cool, I never really thought about getting a music player on the gameboy. Anyway I had another question. What do you do with some gameboys that don't work, like have horizontal lines instead of vertical or the d pad won't go in one direction. Or where can I go to learn how to fix it?

  2. THNAKS, you should check out LSDJ, instant addiction. nothing like Crwating 8-bit music on a vintage gaming console (gameboy). So much fun..

    Anyway, there is no known way to fix horizontal lines as far as I know (and I think I would know if there was) luckily it has been pretty rare for me to run into them, in fact, only 1 out of the 40+ GB I have worked on had that problem. I would say your just out of luck... :(

    and for the d-pad and buttons. It is usually just a contact problem between the button pads and the PCB. This can be fixed like 90% of the time by just cleaning your guts